Kerboomka is a new dance cardio class that is designed to transform not only the way you work out, but also the way you think about fitness.   It’s a core crunching, life-style changing, easy to learn, fun, new way to exercise through dance.  A unique mix of dance and exercise, Kerboomka gets its energy from the percussion and rhythm of popular music. Kerboomka engages your core by crunching and twisting your abs with hip-hop inspired movements.  In addition to strengthening your muscles, Kerboomka also aims to stimulate and strengthen your mind by creating a focused learning environment.

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Known for his charismatic and magnetic personality, choreographer and entertainer Kershel Anthony has been lighting up the dance world with his distinctive moves for over twenty years.   As the founder of Kerboomka, a new dance-cardio craze, Anthony took his love of dance to the stage at the age of ten and never stopped.  Launching Kerboomka in 2012, Anthony is credited with successfully marrying dance and cardio to create a fitness system for the masses that is spreading like wildfire in the US and around the world.

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The music you listen to when you’re working out is so important to keep you moving and continue to keep up your cardio. As the songs get progressively faster, you push harder, ultimately burning more calories That’s why we’ve created Spotify playlists designed to change pace and keep you going throughout your workout. Follow us on Spotify for musical motivation and get down to the best upbeat fitness tracks.

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